A New Adventure

Life is interesting. You never know what challenges will be thrown at you.

Long story short, my water broke Friday afternoon while at work. I rushed to get checked out by my doctor within the hour of it happening and she sent me straight to the hospital on bed rest until the baby comes. It wasn’t in the plan, but I’m staying positive!

I had heavy bleeding on Friday night and a stressful evening (Adam’s brakes completely went while driving over to the clinic… He’s amazingly fine, but it couldn’t have happened at a worse time). I got hooked up to an IV was on COMPLETE bed rest (bed pan.. Ew) and am monitored throughout the day and night. Since my water broke, there is a risk of infection in the womb.. That would cause premature labor and other problems. The ultrasound at the clinic showed there was fluid still around his head, and other areas. Also, his head is down and is acting as a cork; not allowing as much fluid to escape. He will keep reproducing the fluid (when he pees!) So that’s what we want:

Lots of fluid made.
NO infection.
And everything to seal back up properly.

So if you would like to pray for us, those are the big things.

The strangest thing is that I felt perfectly fine.. No pain as I didn’t go into labor.

As of today, I’m 23 weeks. This is the time they consider the baby viable.. There’s a chance of survival, but with a very high concern for health risks. By 24 weeks, those risks are cut in half and the survival chance almost doubles! Every week gets better and better. I’m hoping to make it until 28 weeks and beyond to avoid those health risks. Every day past 28 weeks is a major day of development.. Every day counts. My ultimate goal is 30 – 32 weeks.. Or beyond! I probably won’t go too much past 32 weeks as they would probably deliver the baby around that point.

Today was a good day; I got my bathroom privileges back (no more bed pan!), finally showered and I’m off my IV! Also, there are no signs of infection, very minor leaking or bleeding (if any). So as long as things stay this way and I don’t go into labor we should be able to make it to at least the 28 week mark. I am in good spirits and Adam is doing a lot better.

I’m planning to work from the hospital and will probably have my computer delivered tomorrow. Also, visitors are welcome!! I’m laying in bed and would rather not rot my brain watching TV all day. I’d love to see people and stay connected. Call or email and I’ll let you know where I’m at.

I’ll keep updating this blog with my progress, so please check back!


7 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. We’re all praying for you! Hang in there and maybe find some good books to read instead of rotting your brain…haha.

  2. We are certainly praying for you at our house. We need him to bake long enough to be healthy! He’s got a future with one of ours you know.

    If you or Adam need ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to call!!!! Even if it’s a blue slushie from Sonic, home made hummus w/ veggies (my current favorite) or a super size fry from McD’s!

    Can you eat your own food? Will they allow you to keep a stash of your favorites? What if you crave something? I’m devising a plan to get you some authentic S’mores.

    These are the thoughts that ran through my head after the first wave of shock and concern were past… I have faith that things will turn out fantastically for you and your little guy, God is in control and you have a host of people praying for you! You’re in good hands.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!
    All the Brautigams

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    Philippians 4:5-7

  3. Oh…books? Here I was all concerned about your food!

    If you want, we have a huge library of non-twaddle books. I’m not sure what you love to read but we have about 90% of what is found on this website: sonlight.com. (It’s where I buy my homeschool materials)

    Also, I knit and crochet…if you want to learn (or be sent supplies) I’m your guy. Knitting or crocheting while listening to an audiobook… My dream.

    Let me know!
    Kari B

  4. Thanks everyone!
    I have my computer here now yay!!!!

    Both Kari’s: I have plenty of books and magazines to read. People have been dropping them off up here left and right.

    Kari B: I can eat anything! No restrictions. I love hummus too 😉 I’ve got a good stash of snacks too for me as well as visitors. Im just staying away from caffeine and sugar for now.. I dont want my body on a “high” at all. Trying to keep things dull around here… lol! I’ll check out sonlight.com

    Thanks Tony!!!

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