Got to practice some Showmanship with Jackie last night. We fitted the show halter to Charmer and I braided her mane. It turned out pretty well! I just have to refine a few things… our pivot, my body position, remember to only use my right hand and a million other things.

She’s the bearded horse! I’ll have to clip her of course. She’s shedding out nicely. 🙂 The training show is on May 2nd at Creekview Riding Center outside of DePere. The key word is “training”.. it takes a lot of pressure off and will be a great opportunity to practice.


5 thoughts on “*BLING*

  1. Ooh the braid turned out lovely and look how pretty Charm looks! Have a blast you’re going to do thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssss awesome!

    • She’s going to look pretty fancy when she’s all scrubbed and polished. Hey! we need to wash Rebel one of these days if you still want me to help you with it. It’s kinda fun 😀

  2. Yeah I’d love to wash Rebel up, it’d be great for us plus he can look extra handsome for coming home! AHHH April’s coming to an end fast! Pick a date that works for you and hopefully it’ll work for me too!

  3. Hey Heidi, Charmer looks so pretty. What day is May 2nd I’d like to come and watch you and Charm if I can. Its right down the road from me. Lisa M

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