This and That

There’s nothing too interesting going on around here, but enough that has been keeping me from enjoying the sun and spring weather. 😦

Jackie brought out a show halter to fit to Charm. Charm wasn’t sure about it at first since it’s so much different than a soft rope halter. But I have to say, she did look amazing wearing it. So fancy (I can’t wait to see her all cleaned up and wearing it)! There’s a practice show at Creekview that we’re hoping to attend on May 2nd.. it would be a perfect opportunity to get out there and not have the pressure of a real show. So, that means I’ll have to practice quite a bit in the next couple weeks! I went to the Horse-A-Rama on Saturday and got few ideas of how to braid Charm’s mane for the show. I don’t really want to cut it off, but it looks too sloppy to keep it long. I will probably french braid it tight to the crest of her neck and tuck up the end neatly. That should look alright.

I got a little progress going on my new garden I’m building in the backyard off the deck. I’m hoping to buy the pavers to go around the edge of the garden tonight, they’re on sale at Fleet Farm. I also received several plants from church that were left over from Easter — some Mums, a Begonia and Asiatic Lilies. Now I just need to find cheap flagstone, wood chips and aged manure from my Grandma’s house to complete the job. I can’t wait until it’s all done and I can start planting!! My goal is to have it ready for the first part of May. If anyone knows of a place to get cheap flagstone .. let me know!

We’re on week 22 now. So roughly 5 and a half months. The weeks are really going by fast and I feel almost like myself again. I’ve been sleeping great and my appetite has lessened. I’m trying to take care of myself and go to bed early .. around 9:30 so I don’t get too tired. I can feel sometimes that my back is on the verge of freaking out again.. I hope it stays away. That back pain is not fun to deal with. I broke down on Friday and finally bought maternity jeans and I’m glad I did.. they’re way more comfortable than dealing with my old jeans. It felt strange to think that I’ll probably not be wearing my normal jeans until the end of August. I hope they will fit soon after.. and I won’t have to buy new ones for my newly shaped body. I guess there’s some motivation to not gain a lot of weight. I’m feeling the baby move more now. Not all the time, but it’s more noticeable and becoming a normal feeling. I also think I’ve settled on a room design.. I found something cool on .. stay tuned..


2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Don’t cut Charm’s beautiful mane! She looks like an indian pony with it! Those show cuts are dorky too. Those french braids at the fair looked really pretty! I want to try them on Rebel!

    Yay gardening, Yay baby!

    • Yeah, I’m just going to french braid it. I’ve done it before and it looks really cool. I’ll have to get some spray so it stays in. Rebel would look great with a braid too!

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