We are excited to announce…

..we are having a boy!

It’s official.. and was obvious on the ultrasound.

I went in for my appointment on Friday where we knew we’d have an ultrasound. It’s amazing all they can do these days. It lasts about 20 minutes and they measure everything. Bones, vital organs, the brain.. to make sure everything is developing correctly. So far everything is going really good.

Here are some pictures.

There's the ding-a-ling!

Here's a profile: head, arm, torso and leg. The white areas are bones.

It was really cool. It was crazy to see how much he was moving around in there.. no wonder I feel movement. The Ultrasound Technician was really nice and she explained everything to us in detail. Adam asked if she did the 4D Ultrasounds. She said that she did, but it was more of an elective thing and parents usually did it further along in the pregnancy because the babies are really thin at this age and don’t look like a chubby cheeked baby so you don’t get as good results visually.

The paper had run out of the machine and she put on another roll, clicked a few buttons and all of a sudden, we were seeing our little boy in 4D!! It was AMAZING! He has a face and fingers and eyes and a nose and lips!!

I don’t think he looks that skinny.. and that’s the umbilical chord behind his arm. Several people say he looks like me, but I’m not too sure if you can really tell yet.

So that’s the latest. We had a lot of fun telling the family over the weekend. Adam is especially happy and proud. He wanted a boy badly (although he would have been very happy with a girl too). It’s just something for a guy to have a son. I happen to like little boys too!

As for a Quest for Thinness update. The Dr. Office officially had me at 11 pounds thus far.. and I’m 21 weeks today. My Dr. said she would like me to gain 30 pounds when everything is said and done. I have 19 weeks to go.. gaining roughly 1 pound per week now.. that puts me at 30 pounds. So that’s good! If you see me pigging out on chips or chocolate please feel free to slap my hand. šŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “We are excited to announce…

  1. What a great picture of his face!! God has great plans for him. We’re praying for you, girl! And Wyatt and Adam too. You’ll get through this. Love you lots!

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