Quest for Thinness .. Round II

So I’ve officially gained 10 pounds and I am rounding 20 weeks… at the half way through the pregnancy.

In a way I’m kinda having a hard time with the weight gain. I realize it’s necessary, healthy and natural. Since I have a normal BMI (24) I know I’m going to gain between 25 – 35 pounds. I also realize a lot people at my point have gained way more than a measly 10 pounds.

After working out last night, I decided that I’d like to start another Quest for Thinness. This quest will focus on eating healthy for the rest of the pregnancy and staying active, with hopes that the extra pounds melt off easier after the delivery. Don’t worry people.. I’m not trying to lose weight right now, just trying not to gain an absurd amount. The easiest way for me to do this is to keep track of what I’m eating daily. I feel guilty if I’m writing down triple chocolate ice cream everyday. This will hold me accountable and I can easily see if I need more fruit, veggies or protein on a given day. Plus..Β  announcing my progress on here every once-in-a-while will help with the accountability too. πŸ˜€

Check out where all this weight comes from (taken from

β€’ Baby – most babies pack on roughly 6-9 pounds (though some will weigh as much as 10 or more!).
β€’ Placenta – the placenta generally weighs in at 1-2 pounds.
β€’ Amniotic fluid – the amniotic fluid generally comprises 1-2 pounds of extra weight.
β€’ Uterus – the uterus grows and expands to roughly 2 pounds.
β€’ Breast tissue – most women’s breasts add 1-2 pounds of weight during pregnancy.
β€’ Blood volume – a woman’s blood volume adds an additional 2 pounds of weight gain during pregnancy.
β€’ Fluid – Women’s bodies generally retain as much as 4-5 pounds of fluid during pregnancy.
β€’ Maternal fat stores – your body stores roughly 7 pounds of added fat to help nourish your baby and provide you the energy necessary to breastfeed after pregnancy.


2 thoughts on “Quest for Thinness .. Round II

  1. You had such success with round one you’ll do great this round too I know!

    And technically you didn’t gain weight. In the sense it’s not used for anything just stored for no porpose. This weight is very essential and healthy!

    I’m looking into doing more Zumba so I can get healthy again, lose my fat and tone up. I want to be able to jump on Rebel yet!

    • Yay to working out! Remember when we did Zumba together? I liked it a lot, but it was too hard on my knee.. the jumping from side to side was painful. But it’s a great workout and so much fun.

      The folks at the gym have been very supportive of me continuing the POWER class. One trainer even mentioned that one woman who took the class worked out the same day she delivered! He also said that the pregnant ladies who were in the class also had a really easy recovery and also found they were a lot stronger for labor. I hope to continue until full term or close to it.

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