Obedience at Liberty

Everything has dried up! Last week we were blessed with unseasonably warm weather. I took advantage of it and visited the barn Thursday afternoon. My main focus was spending time playing outside and in the round pen. Here are some photos from our session.

And if anyone is curious.. here I am 19 weeks pregnant.. just a little gut going on (it will be 5 months next weekend – OMG!)

Charm did really well for our first session in the round pen. Of course we stared online.. then I tied the halter around her neck (simulated liberty.. I’ve been playing with this each time I’m at the barn and she’s really softened up. It’s a normal part of our routine… did it with the 45′ line on Sunday). Then I took off the halter and we played with maintaining gait and direction. Then also transitions. She was super! One thing I still struggle with is draw.. It’s great at 15′ and closer but anything further than that.. it’s a 50/50 chance. Need to focus on developing that.

Then again on Sunday I spent some time in the round pen.. I kept it short because she was being very obedient. It actually was really neat because I hardly took a step out of my own little circle in the middle of the round pen. AND she maintained about 15 canter circles (I lost count) without any encouragement from me.. pretty good for an introverted horse.

I had a strange day on Sunday. I woke up feeling crummy (mentally) and it didn’t get better as the day wore on. I don’t know if my hormones were freaking out .. but I feel a lot better today thankfully (I’m sure Adam is thankful too). But an interesting thing happened. I went out to the barn confused and full of emotion and found Charm laying in the sun snoozing. I sat down and leaned against her hoping she’d comfort me in some sort of way. She seemed concerned and kept looking at me nudging my arm.. she was very interested. We sat like this for a while. Then she laid all the way down on her side, sighed, stretched her legs, and slowly got up. Two horses were within 10 feet of us and she quickly turned and drove them both away as if she were protecting me. Then she turned to face me and walked to me. It was very interesting.. she didn’t want anyone else near us, that’s not uncommon for Charm, but this time felt different.. like she had a good reason for it. Then she followed me to the barn. I’m glad I had the chance to go there yesterday.. I need a healthy distraction.


3 thoughts on “Obedience at Liberty

  1. Hey Shirl, Heidi’s moving in for about 4months, she needs her Charmer!

    I tend to feel crummy whenever I leave my animals. Whenever I go into materialistic society, that’ll do it too. I know yours is more to it than that, a lot of things happening!

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