Is it your back??

For the past week, my back, low, low, back started to ache when I’d bend over or make any twisting movements. Then Friday night while putting my shoes on (standing up, leaning against a wall) it pretty much body slammed me, I could hardly move. I researched it on the internet and decided the closest thing was Posterior Pelvic Pain. It’s very common among pregnant woman and usually happens around week 18. It’s from hormones causing my pelvis to move and adjust and also from my growing uterus. This puts strain on muscles and tendons causing pain around the sacroiliac joints. The whole weekend was miserable, everything hurt, and I didn’t want to take any medication. It’s a deep pain to the side of the tailbone, and would shoot down my leg at times. I decided if it was still bad on Monday, I’d call the Doctor and see if there was anything I could do.

Well.. Sunday night around 8:30, I got up from the couch and felt WAY better.. I didn’t want to get too excited, for fear of it reappearing randomly while I was testing out my range of motion. Monday and Tuesday were good… and today I feel even better.. pretty much 100% back to normal! I do have an ache in my butt.. but I think it’s muscle pain from tensing my muscles for so many days. I’m hoping this was just a brief thing and doesn’t return. I really couldn’t do anything. Had to skip the gym, couldn’t go for a walk, work in the yard, couldn’t ride or do much with Charmer. Miserable. Especially since we are having unseasonably warm weather (60˙ today!!)

I am still taking it easy, and hope to get back into the normal routine of things. I’m going to the gym tonight.. I’ll decrease my weight for some things. I’m also planning to go by the barn tomorrow after work. It’s going to be 62˙ and sunny. I have to go! I hope to use the round pen and also ride in the woods. Charmer and I need to get out!! I’ll try to take some pictures.


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