I Think Spring is Here to Stay

The snow is melting and I have a sneaking susspision that it’s not going to be back. The temps have been hovering around the 40s everyday and the 10 day forecast shows it’s going to stay that way. I think we are having an early spring! The birds know it too.. and so do my tulips. They’re already starting to come up and you can’t stop them. Of course this makes me itch to work outside. As the snow has melted I’ve been cleaning up Fiona’s poop in the backyard. I want to rake and start preparing my yard for the new tender grass that will be growing. I am so ready for spring.

I’m already making plans to build a small raised veggie garden in my backyard, between the deck and Redbud tree as soon as everything is melted. It’s actually going to be a nice little spot. Anyway, I’ve tried to figure out what to grow in this smaller garden. For sure I want tomatoes, green peppers, herbs… then it hit me! I got a really nice food processor for Christmas.. I should plant a salsa garden. So… tomatoes, green onions, various peppers (nothing too hot, but probably jalapenos), cilantro. I’d also like some zucchini just to make bread with. It should be really nice. There are a lot of resources online that tell the best kind of tomatoes and things for a salsa garden.

I’m also trying to figure out how to do this on a budget. I have it all in my head of how I would make it look, but I’m not sure if we have the funds to go all out right now. I don’t want to create a project that I can’t finish. So I might just do it in phases for now. I’ll have to watch some landscaping shows on HG TV.


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