The cat is outta da bag

Another era is about to begin in my life and there will be something new to blog about from time to time.

Yes, I am pregnant.

I’m currently 15 weeks (almost 4 months) and into my second trimester. So far everything has been really good.. I didn’t have any morning sickness or problems early on. Just fatigue here and there. So far so good! It’s been interesting feeling and seeing my body change. For 3 months I had that feeling you feel right before you get your period… bloated, hungry, ornery, tired, moody. It’s been better the past week or two now. Now I can tell that my mid section has gotten “thicker”, I’m not really showing yet, but I can definitely tell that there’s something going on. I’m not able to suck in my tummy anymore, it’s just there and makes me feel fat. So far I’ve gained around 4 or 5 pounds. I’m still working out and doing the weightlifting class. My instructor was happy to hear I was pregnant and encouraged me to continue taking the class and use the modifications they suggest for pregnancy. She said I should be able to take the class up until I’m full term. I’m hoping to do that, unless my body says otherwise. I will lighten up on weight and listen to my body as I go along. So right now, I’m trying to stay active, eat healthy and get enough rest. It’s been a little hard to eat healthy, not that I’m craving any specific thing, it’s just that I want to eat when I want to eat and don’t always want to take the time for something healthy. But I’m doing pretty well.

So that’s what’s been going on lately in my life! My due date is August 16th.. I’m praying for a cooler than normal summer!


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