It feels like Christmas!

Well I said I’d show you some of my graphic design work.. well here it is! This website just went live on Saturday:

It’s my first attempt at a real website.. and like I said, I just designed it. I didn’t put it all together to make it work on the web. It’s for an upcoming woman’s conference this spring. I really enjoyed designing it.. it was a nice change from the normal grind.

I also got a new computer at work and I have to say I am in love. Today is the first day I’ve used it and now I seriously want to get one for at home. You can see it here. Got the big one.. the 27″ screen. ❀

My old computer looks so dinky and lame compared to this beautiful monster. My old monitor was a 17″…

Old vs New - wireless mouse and keyboard.. o00 la la!


7 thoughts on “It feels like Christmas!

  1. Wow- That is really good, Love the website, really cool graphics. I know what you mean about the big screen-we have them at school and my pc looks so small when i get home to work on it. Would love to get an apple like that (i’ll put it on my wish list πŸ™‚ ) Very Impressive.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I love the computer and I feel like getting one for at home now. Where did I put that money tree…

    I’ll have to pick up some freelance jobs!

  3. Great website Heidi! It has a bloggish feel to it, I like! I’m waffling on whether to go or not. πŸ™‚

    DROOOLS! Gorgeous computer! I thinks it’s going to be a while before work starts to feel like work again, it has to be a blast on that beast!

    I really like your banner pic, very nice pic of Charm and you look like a professional Parelli instructor!

  4. It’s definitely easier and more enjoyable to work on this computer. You should see how pictures look on this screen.. to edit in Photoshop now is amazing!!

    I decided to change up the banner.. I’m sick of looking at snow. Spring can start any day now.

    • NO! Don’t say that, we need more snow! We hardly did any sledding or skiijoring! I shall bring you sledding so you want the snow to stay!

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