Winter Blues? Ah.. not so much.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted since things have been a little dull.. but good anyway.

Work has been good. I am just about finished with my first website design. I designed the whole thing and someone else (a really smart person) is making it all work on the web. I will let you see it once it’s finished since most of you probably never get to see my graphic design work. It actually turned out nice and will be a good addition to my portfolio. I thrive on big projects like this one.. I like bury myself without distractions.

I am still taking pottery classes (I’m not sure if I mentioned that on here before?). I have finally progressed on the wheel to the point where I can throw larger functional pieces. I’ve made several nice sized mugs, soup bowls and also a couple batter bowls (a bowl with spout and handle.. good for mixing and pouring pancakes from). Last night I threw my largest piece to date. It’s called a berry bowl. It’s really a colander with plate under it. You use it to rinse and clean berries, then you place it on the plate and it catches all the water drips while you enjoy eating the berries. So next week I will trim the bottom of the bowl and punch all the holes throughout the bowl for the water to escape. I hope it turns out! I plan to continue taking classes through the spring. With pottery it just takes a lot of practice to get a good technique and I don’t want to stop now!

Fiona finally got a hair cut last weekend. Although she was incredibly cute looking, all that hair was just getting to be too much. She was looking SO shaggy, dirty and messy. So she got cut pretty short, looks about 10 pounds lighter and SO cute! She has been extra cuddly with me to the point of seeming obsessed with being close to me. She will bark at me and have a fit.. then I’ll grab a blanket and head for the couch to watch the TV and she gets totally excited. She just wants to lay there too. I’ve been getting over a little head cold this past week and maybe she’s just trying to encourage me to lay down and rest.

I don’t have any new news about Charmer. I have a few ideas of things I’d like to do with her. I like to ride outside as much as possible. It’s so much fun in the snow.. and I know she gets tired of the arena work. It’s nice to go into the woods and look around. Plus it’s a really good workout for her. I picked up two long lines and drove her around the arena a little bit (we haven’t done this for a good while) and she picked it up like we hadn’t stopped doing it. My next idea is to have her pull me on skis through the snow. I thought of doing this on a sled.. but skis would put me in the proper position. This will be a work in progress and there’s still enough winter to go! I have cross country skis and boots so now I just need an opportunity! The last time few times I played with her have been really fun. She’s definitely really happy to see me (she even walked away  from her food to greet me, that’s big for her!). Our liberty work has been nice.. she gets ramped up for the first few minutes and then settles and pays attention. I’d like to get back in the habit of taking regular lessons since they seem to give me goals and help me focus. I wish I had more time to spend with her. Hopefully we’ll have an early spring… every morning I listen for the Cardinal singing, he should be belting out a song any morning now… it’s his promise of warmer times to come.


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