It’s Winter!

It seems I haven’t posted anything since it snowed. That was such a fun day! I felt like a little kid again. We had a snow day and then a 2 hour delay the next morning. So, stranded at home, I decided to read a book.. and finish it in one day. I’ll give you one guess to what that book was 😉

The following Saturday was the barn Christmas party at Shirley’s. We made horse treats and ate lots of yummy snacks (Thanks Shirl!) Then we went for a FABULOUS ride out in the fresh snow! I put Charmer’s jingle bells on and she worked her way through the snow. We made it through some 3′ drifts and oh my, that is so fun to ride in, especially when you’re bareback! It’s like you’re doing the passage through the snow when you trot around. Too fun. We make it up on the east field and went into the woods. Everyone gasped. The woods was absolutely beautiful – a true winter wonderland. The weight of the fresh wet snow had taken down some trees, so we had to turn around once or twice, but we made it through and back to the barn. What fun!!

I also have a little project. Jean from the barn asked me to ride her horse Lacie while she recovers from surgery on her foot. So now I have two horses to ride. Lacie is a beautiful Overo Paint.. I think she’s 6. She’s bigger than Charm too.. around 16 hands. She is also really easy and fun to ride. I’ve been trying to challenge her when we’re together and also reward the slightest try. She often gets the crabby mare attitude. This past Saturday I saddled her up and put her cradle bridle on and tried out her canter. She went well to the left, but to the right, she seemed to have anxiety and went faster, this would happen not only at the canter but even at the trot. I am not sure if there is a physical reason for it, or if it’s her “bad side”. I also would like to start playing around with focus with her and also using my energy to direct her rather than the reins. When I ride her on a loose rein, she seems to be a little hesitant or confused and does not respond to my focus. If you pick up the reins with just a soft contact, she’s right there. I would like to give her the responsibility to look where she is going, and ask me questions while we are riding. I don’t feel her asking questions at all.. compared to Charm, she’s constantly asking questions while we ride (I’d never really noticed it, before riding Lacie in fact). I want there to be dialogue, a conversation. I guess she does give me a little feedback.. a tail swish here and there 😉 I’ll be taking some time off in the next week and have a plan for her. I’d like to set up a large figure 8 pattern in the arena and play around with focus, like in the old L2 freestyle task. That always worked good for Charmer. I’ll let you know what Lacie thinks of it.


3 thoughts on “It’s Winter!

  1. You see that mare’s expression in your banner! She did that to adorable Mr. Rebel how could she do that to someone so cute? lol

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