Imagine my finger just like that but with a couple Band-Aids. Long story short, last week I ripped off my index finger nail in pottery class. Who knew that pottery class could be so dangerous. A slab roller just like this ate it. I looked down and my nail was clearly pulled off.. and since I hadn’t eaten dinner and had a glass of wine in me, I got lightheaded, dizzy and turned white. I almost passed out. HA! There was no crying though. So, Ive gotten quite creative and learned how to type without using my right index finger and also to do all sorts of things, like opening doors, getting ready in the morning, start my car, all sorts of neat stuff. I often point at people with my slightly bent finger and say El-li-ottttt… this would have made a great Halloween costume.. darn. I hope the nail eventually grows back. It’s going to be a journey.. I’m documenting the whole process with pictures.

In other news.. The Quest for Thinness: The Holiday Edition is ramping up! I have a new goal.. “Bikini Body: 1/1/10”

You’re probably asking yourself what is so significant about that day? Click here. I will be wearing a bikini and the toe shoes. Toe Shoes don’t fail me now!! I hope they grip easily on the ice 😉

I have no new Charm news. I haven’t been out to see her in over 2 weeks, it totally sucks.. I hope to spend some quality time with her over this long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Elliott

  1. Lol I forgot about E.T. if you went up to me and said “Elliott” I would have been thoroughly confused. I hope your finger gets better fast!

    I have a fingernail story to share, my dad sawed his thumb nail in half a few years ago, it grew back but you can definitely tell where it cut through.

    You crazy person! That’s cold! I’d be putting a little on to keep from freezing to death!

  2. Ellie, I wish you could be with me too! I was looking through some old pictures last night and found of bazillion of us. : ) I brought 2 to work with me.. the first one is of us at Cornerstone when we found those random couches and sat in them for a while. The other is of Adam, Andy and you when we went to the vineyard and had a couple bottles of wine, a picnic lunch and fell asleep! Some of my all time favorite memories. ❤

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