Last June at the SHOW clinic in Sturgeon Bay my dad took a bunch of pictures and he just gave them to me this past week. One of them struck me and I thought I’d share a little about it.

If you remember my post from earlier in the year.. Charm was a little wacky at this clinic. She was way unconfident and a little out of control. It’s always interesting to look at video and pictures of yourself riding. I usually cringe at the sight of them and pick out all the negative points.

This picture was not the highlight of our day, but it shows me riding with a strong focus even when things were falling a part.

I remember this moment specifically. We were going in to that arena for the first time for the Stock Pleasure pattern. The pattern goes: walk, trot, extended trot, left lead, stop, pivot (turn around), walk, right lead, gallop, trot and back up 10 steps. You make the transitions at cones placed around the outside of the arena. The picture was taken when we were on our way back around in the right lead.. I think we were flying pretty fast.. galloping. I remember how I was feeling at the moment too. We had not had a chance to warm up in the arena.. Charm didn’t get to feel confident and we didn’t practice at all. My mistake. I didn’t ask, and didn’t realize at the time I could have warmed up. So I was feeling a little embarrassed, sad, and also that we were on a mission to complete the pattern. No matter what.

In the picture my arms are up because I was correcting her and asking her to stay on the path. She was trying to escape and spook at anything she could find. She threw her head up right at that moment.

Here we are right before the picture above, walking, just about to pick up the right lead.. a little more calm looking.

What I like about the first picture is specifically my expression. I look relatively calm and focused on the direction that we are going. It’s something that I’m kinda proud of…


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