It’s Looming

We can all feel it.. we can try to ignore it, but it won’t go away.

The Holidays are almost here. Can you believe it???

I am not too happy about this idea. I feel as though I’ve been jipped out of half my summer and definitely the “indian summer” that I had hoped would bless us after a nasty October. This week has been pretty nice, but I’m suck inside, working… just looking out my window wishing I were riding Charm or hiking in the woods.

Work has been just nuts the past few weeks. Although I am not always directly involved, it still takes a toll on my spirit and tires me (I tend to get emotionally involved). We taped a national TV show last week. The place was turned upside down for about a week… everyone is crabby and irritable. Then.. we had a HUGE combined service downtown that we had to switch gears and set up for immediately after the TV show taping ended. My wonderful and beautiful manager has probably put in close to 100 hrs in the past week and she doesn’t feel she can take a day off. She’s crazy.

Then stupid me..  Ok, on Fridays at 2pm we have a dance party in the office. Usually for about 10 minutes. We crank the music up and dance. It’s Friday, right?! We’ll I was jumping around being silly dancing to Madonna and I stepped down and *crunch.. crunch… crackle* I fell. My damn knee!! It’s an old injury from my Freshman year in High School. My ACL is completely blown and has been for a long time. If I’m not careful, I can easily injur it. Well, I did and it was a doozy. I swelled up and was quite painful to walk on for the past week. It’s better now, but still a little sore and stiff. I got so mad. So, I’ve decided I’m going to look into getting it fixed and fixed soon. I’m thinking January actually. I’d rather do it in the winter when there’s nothing going on than summer. I want to be able to be active and not think about my knee in every situation. I missing being active like I use to be (I know I’m very active now, but I actually hold back a lot). So we’ll see what the insurance and Dr says. I would like to go back to the same Dr who fixed my broken leg. He’s awesome.

I haven’t had a lot of quality time with Charmer lately. I’ve been riding her bareback a lot, probably about 20 hrs in the past month. Actually, I rode her with the saddle last Saturday for the first time in 4 weeks. It felt strange too.. I’ve begun to feel more secure bareback. That’s good I guess. One thing I struggle with is picking up my right lead bareback. In the saddle, It’s effortless. But bareback I loose my balance and my seat. So strange! My left lead is awesome.. I lean back a little and give her a nudge with my right leg and she’s in the canter immediately. I need to get the right lead just like that.. I know it’s me. She can probably feel that I’m not balanced. She’s like that, when I loose my balance she slows or stops and waits for me to recover. What a good partner.

Actually I did have a nice afternoon with her last week. It was warm out so I ground drove her all over the property.. our first time doing this outside. She did really good. She had a few threshold spots but we worked through them and had a decent time. One thing I need to work on with this is getting my WHOA and GO equal from Zone 5. Right now she has more GO.. or she’s just thinking GO because we’ve been ground driving so much lately. I discovered this when I played with her at liberty in Z5. I would ask for something particular and she’d assume I meant GO and leave me. So back to basics.. I’ll put the line on her and play with it.

I can tell lately that I’ve lost focus when I’m with Charm. I don’t really have a plan or any goals set and that’s probably why. I had lost interest in going for my Level 3, but now I’m thinking that it might not be a bad idea. I know we could be ready if we could play with everything consistently. I may just go for it and see what happens. I felt really encouraged after the Dave Ellis clinic.. I think we have more going for us than I realize.


5 thoughts on “It’s Looming

  1. Oh no! That sounds really painfull! 😦 I was going to ask if you wanted to play with the horses some time this week outside but I’m guessing you may not be able to with your knee?

    Your job makes me feel tired too:) Good thing you have awesome outlets to relax with.

    Yeah you need to go for your level 3!! That’ll get you focused and give you a plan!!

  2. Amelia,
    I can still do some stuff with the horses.. just not running or jumping around (anything that would cause my knee to twist). I’d actually like to get out to the barn one of these afternoons. It’s been so nice.. too bad it gets dark so early! I wasn’t out at all this weekend. I’ll let you know if I decide to go… it all depends on work. Maybe I can take a half day…

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