Fun with Driving

I’ve had a lot of fun ground driving Charm lately. It’s something that I would try every few months without much success. The thing with driving is that it takes a lot of practice. With everything it seems, the ropes get tangled, dropped, caught under feet. I’ve always told Charm that one of these days I’ll get the hang of it.

I actually learned a lot of driving techniques while watching a spotlight demo in Madison where Pat helped a student with her horse. He ended up ground driving her horse all around that arena and it was magnificent! Then I picked up a few things at the Dave Ellis clinic that I could apply to driving.

Over the past 2 months, I’ve done about 6 or 7 short sessions with Charm.. the first 4 were pretty pathetic. The last one, on Sunday, was AMAZING. Well, it just finally felt like we clicked. I’ve gotten better with the tools to communicate to her what I would like and she understands what I’m asking. I feel we’re pretty solid at the trot. We can have smooth turns, weave barrels, maintain gait at the walk, trot and backup. Right now it’s all in the arena, but I’d like to try going around outside if we get a warmer day. Someday I hope to have the opportunity to actually hook her up to a cart and really drive.


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