Down… Sit… Stay…

At first glance you may think this post might be about Fiona. You would be wrong. Over the weekend something compelled me to teach Charm how to sit. I can ask her to lay down, so the sitting part would naturally come right after that.

So I tried it.. After laying down I asked her to start standing up, but not all the way. It kinda worked! I did it several times and each time she held the “sit” part a little longer and got rewarded with an apple each time.

I was able to make it out to the barn the following day and played with it a few times. Basically I got her out of the pasture and went right to it. She didn’t get grumpy or object to my idea. In fact she seemed willing to participate (I’m sure an apple after each successful sit helped her disposition). It got pretty good after the 2nd session!

I usually ask her to lay her down at liberty using only my Savvy string. So I want to progress to only using the string or nothing to get the sit. I think by using the halter and lead in the beginning helps Charm understand my intentions. It seemed to anyway.


What's in it for you? An apple!!


Ok.. now start standing up.. but not all the way. One foot at a time.


She sits!! 😀


4 thoughts on “Down… Sit… Stay…

  1. Here’s a little update…

    When playing with this again last night, I tried with just a savvy string and she sat and held it for over a minute! Too cool!

    I asked her to stand up by lifting the string and clucked a little and she’s like.. “ok! now where’s my apple?”

    I’ll get a good video maybe this weekend.

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