Fall is here!!

Fall is here and it’s finally raining. I bought a new lawn mower a few weeks ago and haven’t used it yet.. I hope the grass grows enough so I can groom my lawn!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Things have been busy .. I started a pottery class on Wednesday nights. It’s really fun. I threw 2 bowls and a mug last week. I hope to make a couple more mugs this week and hopefully hand build a few large bowls.

I’ve been having some nice rides on Charm. We’ve been going outside a lot. Last weekend I had a fabulous bareback/bridleless ride on her. Sammi was taking a lesson with Shadow and we both ended up riding BB&B in the arena together. Then afterward, she hopped up on Charm with me and we rode double all thru the woods and fields. It was really fun! Charmer didn’t get crabby at all that she had to carry an extra passenger.

Charm and I have also played with flying lead changes over a log. It’s an excercise that Dave Ellis used on the fourth day (the day I missed! POO!) Anyway, the first time we tried it, she actually put effort into jumping the log and successfully made the changes each way. It was awesome! We played around with it a few days later and she was very flat over the jump and seemed really lazy too. I got 2 changes, one each way. Not as good as the first time, but we’ll keep playing around with it.

On a trail ride last Saturday I spotted a special something in the field.

Meet Frederica.


Since I was riding bareback, I had to get off and somehow figure out a way to get back Charm her while still holding Frederica. I led Charm to a ditch and she was very patient as I fumbled around trying to hop back on without squashing little Frederica. I LOVE BUGS! Praying Mantis seem to be extra intelligent. They are amazing creatures.

We are hopefully going on the Alaskan Trail Ride this Saturday. It was supposedly canceled, but now I heard it’s on again. We’ll see.. I hope the weather stays nice.

There is a possibility that I may get another horse.. well, one is being offered to me for free. He’s an older Arab, is bay (my dream color) in his late teens, is sound with nothing wrong with him. He’s been shown all over in western and trail ridden everywhere. It would be fun to have a horse that I could show.. or can teach me how to show. Also, just to have another horse for someone else to ride. I am still thinking/praying about it. His name is Baskin. What do you think?

Flowers 2006 026


7 thoughts on “Fall is here!!

  1. YAY!!!! Heidi’s getting another horse!!!! I was hoping you’d get another one. . . you and Java looked so cool together. What horsenality is he?

  2. Well Erica.. I haven’t decided to get him yet. The condition is that I would have to keep him for the rest of his life and I also have to figure out the finance part of things. So I’m on the fence.

    As for Horsenality.. I’m not really sure. I haven’t met him in person yet. But from what I’ve heard I’d say he’s extroverted.

  3. Wishes I was on that trail ride…

    I think you should rename Charm, Robin!XD
    On a completley serious note about Baskin:

    Hmm you know he really doesn’t look like a Heidi horse if that makes any sense.
    Would they allow you to give him back if anything were to happen that you couldn’t take care of him, any trial period? That would be a big deciding point for me.

    Your very competitive and a perfectionist from what you tell me-would that get in the way of keeping the relationship first? Do you have time for both horses?
    Sorry if any of those questions were pointless or out of line but I hope they help and wish the best in deciding, it’s a pretty big decision!

    Speaking of big decisions I have a whole muddled mess up in my head that I’d like to talk to someone about, would you be interested in listening? It’s horse related.

  4. Well, after thinking about Baskin for the past couple weeks I’ve decided not to get him. Because, I can’t honestly say that I can keep him forever. I can’t even say I will be able to keep Charm forever if something were to happen.

    Amelia, I am not sure if I would get totally competitive when it would come to showing. I don’t think I would ever make it my main focus, but might just for a learning experience and exposure. And it would have been nice to use a horse that knew what he was doing and could teach me a thing or two. If I were to make it my main focus.. well, then I’d probably get a little competitive and possibly compromise the relationship. And I’d like to hear about your big decision/muddled mess… shoot me an email!

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