Good Eats! Fish.. mmm

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the Quest for Thinness. Well, it’s still going on. I had gained about 4 pounds after my little break from working out and not eating healthy. My metabolism finally slowed down and the pounds appeared.. but as most women know, fluxing a few pounds during a month is nothing to be alarmed about. I still didn’t like it.. so after applying myself over the past two weeks, I’ve been able to shed those 3 or 4 pounds (I can actually feel it in my waist and legs) and now I’m toned and clothes fit better too.

I have found that’s it’s harder for me to eat salads, I’m sorta sick of them. Not that I’m craving junk food, but just something “unsalad” related. Luckily it’s the time of year where the farmers markets are abundant and fresh fruit and veggies are not hard to find. Pretty soon the apple orchards will be yielding their crops! I can crunch on fresh green beans and snow peas all day long.

Another thing that’s a little different is now that Adam is home (new job), we are eating together more. It’s harder to stay healthy when you have another opinion in the mix. We agree on most foods.. he loves fresh ingredients and especially fish. I could eat fish everyday.


A couple weeks ago, Randy blessed us with some fresh caught Salmon from Lake Michigan. I made sure it was prepared for supper. I put it on the grill with some spices, balsamic vinegar and honey. I also steemed some fresh greenbeans and sauted a mix of mushrooms in rosemary olive oil. As you can see.. it didn’t last long..


Another thing we really enjoy is sushi. I LOVE sushi! We have an awesome place just a mile away called Little Tokyo. They are awesome and have super-yummy-good sushi rolls. We decied to treat ourselves last night..


Spicy Salmon, Unagi, Shrimp Tempura and Orange

Nom Nom Nom Nom .. it was good!


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