Something has clicked…

…and I’m hoping it doesn’t unclick. I’ve had some fabulous rides on Charmer lately. Since I’ve upped my assertiveness, I think she’s taking me seriously and has a more willing attitude. I’ve been focused on getting Charm in shape for the upcoming Dave Ellis clinic in a few weeks. I don’t think she’s going to loose her belly, but I think it’s important that she’s in better shape to withstand 8 hours of clinic time each day. So we’ve been trotting a lot on line and in the saddle.. also I’ve been working on posting on the correct diagonal while trotting. Something I never cared to learn, or thought about.. but it’s somethingΒ  I should really know so I don’t look like a dork.Β  I’m learning to choose the correct diagonal by feeling for it rather than looking at her front leg. Charm’s trot is really flat .. she almost drags her feet, so I find it hard to feel her hind quarters. We’re getting it though.

Here are some pictures from our ride last Saturday.. a particularly memorable day and I’m so glad it was captured. πŸ˜€


Go stand on that box from 20' away. Good Charmer!


Sideways from Zone 5 please...


Flying Lead Change


She LOVES standing on things. It's her reward sometimes when we're playing.


Riding down the lane.


Trotting some serpentines in the field.

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts from this spring, you know that I’m dilligently trying to get over this lame fear of ‘riding ouside at more than a walk’ thing that has plagued me. Now I hardly find myself riding in the arena, unless the weather isn’t good, or we are having a lesson that requires the arena. I had the most pleasant ride on Saturday, trotting around the property. Charm was not impulsive.. but really steady and responsive. She was practically perfect! In all honesty (and a little embarrassment), this is only the second time I remember trotting around with her like this, outside, with purpose.

She felt so content and willing.. I love her expression in the video and her tail too.

Fiona also came to watch us that day…


She loves visiting the barn.. notice the 12' line πŸ˜‰


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