This and That

There have been a lot of different things going on lately. First off.. we are dog sitting Frankie last Friday until Tuesday.. That has been going pretty well.. they are actually behaving. The first thing Frankie did when he arrived was pee on our vertical blinds πŸ˜› .. but all’s been well since then.

I took Charmer out for a short trail ride last Thursday. I believe our “forward” is fixed for the moment. I rode her a little in the arena and she felt great!! Charm and I will be riding with Dave Ellis for 3 days! August 21st – 23rd. I plan to take some lessons up until then just to get in sync and fix any glaring holes I have been too lazy to fix or have over looked. If anyone is around and would like to audit.. please do! Dave will be around for clinic stuff in Algoma startingΒ  Aug 19th – 20th (Wed & Thur) for a L4 clinic.. then Aug 21 – 24th (Fri – Mon) for a level 2/3 clinic.

Adam and I met Sofie and Jesse in Algoma for a motorcycle ride yesterday. We had a wonderful time and it was my longest ride to date.. 100 miles!! It was a great ride.. great weather too. I even tackled Tower Drive bridge for the first time. It wasn’t even that bad really.. but I wouldn’t want to go over it if it were a windy day. I’ve grown more and more confident in my riding. It’s become second nature and a lot of fun. (Plus I have the joy of knowing that my bike is faster than Adam’s bike πŸ˜‰ )

I’ve been thinking about getting back into photography again.. I’ve taken a break for the past couple years, well, just because I had too many hobbies. I am starting to miss it. I’d like to start saving up for a nice camera and see what happens. I’ve been getting more and more freelance jobs lately so we’ll see how much cash I can save up.

Another thing I miss is painting.. I use to paint a lot and now never seem to have the time. Hmmm…

I’ve been also toying with the idea of extending our landscaping in the back yard and incorporating a small veggie garden into it. I would be a raised bed and probably about 4′ x 8′ or 4′ x 6′ depending. I think you could fit a lot of stuff in there (Ive been inspired by both Donna and Charmaine’s gardens). Now that Adam is around more, I think this might be a project we could handle yet this year. I am picturing Astilbe and Corabells around the Redbud tree along with some painted ferns. I’d also add more Rubekkia and Echinacea as well as a butterfly bush or two. I’d like a butterfly garden kinda thing.. maybe I’ll make my way to the botanical gardens to get some ideas. I LOVE their English style garden. Drool….

This has been sort of a random post.. but you get the idea of what’s been floating around in my head lately.. πŸ™‚


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