It’s Official!

Charm and I are riding in the Dave Ellis clinic this August!! I’ve signed up for 2 days and IF I happen to have some more cash by then, I’ll ride for 3 days! I am so excited! It feels like I have something new to prepare for and goals to make.

I also joined SHOW at the Midwest Horse Fair and plan to be involved with them this year too.. looks like Charm and I will have some new experiences this year!

I got a lot of horsey time in this past week. I’ve been focusing on playing outside both online and freestyle. Charm’s confidence has grown tons since 2 weeks ago. We’ve went for two long walks all over the property last week and played all over the place.. it was so cool. I feel that I’ve been missing out for the past 4 years by not doing this more often. I’ve been so spoiled by the indoor arena and have gotten so lazy about venturing out. Here are some pictures that Sofie took of Charmer and I:



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