Easter Pig Out, Work (ugh) and Charmer

The weather is breaking and it finally feels like spring! My mom’s daffodils are blooming and we had a wonderful Easter yesterday. I ate so much and I even held back and didn’t eat as much as I normally would have. We had two meals.. one was brunch and then dessert at my Grandmas.. she is the dessert guru. Then dinner was at my sister-in-laws and it was amazing. The ham… ohh.. the ham. I felt like crap last night after eating all of that. I took Fiona for a walk with Kelly and Dutch to start working off the bazillion calories I ingested. It was the first time I “pigged out” since the Quest for Thinness began Jan 1st. The next time I’ll be pigging out will be on Thanksgiving and then Christmas. So there. I’ve lost around 21 pounds now (probably gained 2 back over the weekend *eye roll*). I’m thinking of shooting for 30 pounds total. That would put me at an amazing weight and I think I could do it. Just need to count my calories, stay within my daily budget and keep the workouts frequent and sweaty. This week, I’ll be eating salads ALL week.. got to kick it hard after the weekend. 😉

This week is going to be a hard week. Work is NUTS. I so wish I could put myself on auto pilot like in the movie Click. I just want to blink and have it all be over. I’ve got 2 HUGE projects due this Friday and am missing ALL the information I need to complete them both. I hate depending on other people sometimes, because I’m usually let down and become extremely irritated. To top it all off.. the weather is perking up.. so a nice afternoon outside and I’ll be zoning out at the computer. I’ll have to close my blinds and deal with it. One good thing is after this week these 2 projects will be completed and behind me. Please pray for me.. this kind of stuff puts me in a foul mood and I become negative and crabby.

I had 2 great sessions with Charmer this past week and weekend. On Thursday Sofie and I took Bella and Charm outside and rode down to the gravel pit. **I HAVE TO RIDE CHARM OUTSIDE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THIS SPRING** My fear of being squished has grown to the point that I avoid riding outside for the chance of spooking or slippery footing. This has got to stop. I initailly bought Charm to trail ride with her and now all I do is ride in an arena.. POO! The ride outside was great.. I kept that horse moving and thinking about me. I think that’s where my problem lies, we get in trouble when I let her look around and assess the situation at hand. Then she becomes a spooky-spookerton. I thought I was being polite by allowing her to look around, but I need to keep her focus on me and what WE are doing and not on that thing over there. I think she forgets that I am up there. On Saturday we played outside a lot. We did a lot of circles, obstacles, trailer stuff, whatever we could find to do. She loved it I think because she was fresh and frisky. I’ve been playing with the Question Box pattern too. It’s great! Charm likes it. After playing it twice, we are making 90% of our transitions in the box and Charm knows the pattern – stay on the circle the human chooses, maintain gait, find that box, ask a question, repeat. I like it. It’s a good warm up and keeps her thinking. We ended our short riding session by laying 2 little elevens right in the middle of that box. 😉


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