A New Way to Count Calories

I got this nifty new iPod Touch for my birthday. It’s cool, I use it everyday.. it can do everything! There are 1,000s of applications you can download and use. I found one called Loose It. It was free so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

How it works.. you enter in your current weight, your goal weight and how much you would like to loose per week. You are then given a daily calorie budget. If you work out, or exercise in any way, that counts toward your calories so you can eat more. For example if my daily budget is 987 calories and I worked out and burned 500 calories, that means I have 1,487 calories I can consume for the day without going over my daily budget.

Let me stop and say this. The Quest for Thinness has been going really well, I am actually at my plateau (20lbs lost!! Yay!!)… It’s always been extremely hard for me to loose additional weight when I am at this point. I feel great and I don’t feel fat.. things are good..

I programed my little iPod Loose It application to help me loose 2 lbs/week and followed it all last week just to see what results I could get. To my astonishment, I lost 2.2lbs!!! And, at the time of the weigh in was the time during the month were I usually weigh a little more (if you get my drift..). Amazing! So, I am doing it again this week too.. why the heck not? It’s great, I don’t have to guesstimate calories in my head, I have it all in my iPod! I am still exercising like a fiend.. I love it. I’m not sure how much more weight I can even loose. It will be interesting to find out! Maybe I can shoot for 30?? šŸ˜‰


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