Charm revealing her potential?

An idea has been floating through my head for a while now that hasn’t been acted upon. Charmer is a funny horse.. over the years I have witnessed some clues here and there and just now finally have gotten a possible confirmation to my idea.

Clue #1: Before Charm would canter beside me, my little cousin came out to the barn for a visit. He and Charm were having a blast playing “tag” in the arena. He would run to one end and she would run down after him.. he would run to the other side and she would rollback and continue to follow…. I tried to do that with her and she wouldn’t do it with me.

Clue #2: The big green ball. Several of you have seen Charm with her ball. She doesn’t smash it, but on her own, deliberately pushes it all over the arena. In fact, sometimes while I am getting her tack ready I’ll turn her loose and she will follow that ball by herself for 10 minutes. If she gets stuck, she’ll look over to me and I’ll help her out.

Clue #3: When Shirl’s barrel horse Rio died a couple years ago, Charm was seen chasing a fox off the property that was attempting to make a little snack out of poor ol’ Rio. Was she protecting her deceased herd leader? Or just chasing to chase?

Clue #4: When we trail ride past cows.. she goes berzerk.

The confirmation to my idea came this past Saturday. Shirley delightfully told me that Charm was cutting one of the other horses in the pasture. Charmer had Lena trapped in a corner of the pasture and continued cutting her 5 or 6 times. I am sure that Charm was teaching Lena a thing or two and was quite pissed. Shirl said that she had all the moves and I should get her on cows. Fortunately, I live in an area with a lot of cows.. Hello Wisconsin! There are a lot of cow horse people around here and I am going to do some research and possibly take a cutting lesson or two to see how it all works. Also, when I join SHOW this spring, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn about ranch work and cows. With this in mind, I’ve decided not to sell my trailer. I have too many opportunities to take advantage of this year. So on that note, if anyone has a truck I can borrow here and there, let me know!

Here is a video.. if you’re not sure what cutting is:

This video is cool.. this horse loves his job!!


2 thoughts on “Charm revealing her potential?

  1. That looks intense and intimidating. Allot of fun though too and I know you and Charm could do it-you have such good teamwork.

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