Crazy.. Crazy I tell you!!

The weekend plan was to visit Charmer on Saturday morning.. then mosey on over to Tomahawk for an evening wedding, spend the night and return home on Sunday afternoon after having breakfast. Right…

So I get this call on Friday night…

7:30pm At Little Tokyo enjoying my sushi — “Hi Heidi, um, we just had something really bad happen. One of the bridesmaids’ sister is really sick and she won’t be able to make it to the wedding. Would you be able to take her place tomorrow?”

I just started laughing and couldn’t stop. It was really funny. I shouldn’t even try to plan ahead anymore!

8:15pm — Arrive at the Mall to find my Perfect, Inexpensive, Knee Length, Little Black Dress to wear to the wedding. Amazingly found one within 20 minutes on clearance at Younkers.

9:00pm — Mall closes.. and we arrive home to start packing. I am pacing all over the house, making mental checks.. need the proper bra, luckily I had black heals. How the heck am I going to do my hair? There is a big bruise on my shin. I should paint my nails…

10:30pm — Finally Sleeping. Sorta..

6:00am  — Wake up and shower, finish packing. Eat Breakfast, feed the dog. Make sure Adam is up and getting ready (he is a slug in the morning). I am waking around like a psycho annoying the crap out of Adam.

8:30am  — Car is packed, drop off Fiona at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a sleep over.

9:10am — While Adam fills up the car, I’m at Walgreens picking out a card.

9:30am — Arrive at Ellen and Travis’s house to pick up Travis and Frankie…. head over to Starbucks for some Jo.

11:45am — John Cleese navigates us to Tomahawk and we arrive at the hotel.

1:00pm  — Arrive at the church for the wedding rehearsal, then back to the hotel for lunch.

2:30pm — Put my makeup on, put my hair up and get dressed.

3:30pm — Photographers arrive to take all the pictures before the wedding.

6:00pm — Arrive at the church and wait.

7:00pm — Wedding Starts

7:30pm — Wedding ends and back to the hotel for the reception.

12:00am — Order a pepperoni pizza to the room, watch Myth Busters and eventually go to sleep.

Sunday went how it was planned for the most part. We went to a late breakfast and headed back to Green Bay. Picked Fiona up around 3pm and got home at 4:00pm. Then I decided it was a good time to clean up the yard. I cut some bushes back, raked some leaves and finally moved my irises to their new location in the back yard. Then I napped for the rest of the evening and fell asleep at 10:30pm only to wake up this morning 6am to clean at my cleaning job and head over to work.

Two things I am thankful for:

1 – The Quest for Thinness..  Thanks to the Quest, I wasn’t a big lardo squeezed into a little black dress. I felt pretty good!

2 – That I have been tanning! Yay! My legs did not reflect off the lights and blind the wedding goers with their whiteness. Yay for fake baking!

Let’s pray that this week is more predectible…


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