Bosal (Boz-al)

The rawhide part on the nose is the bosal.. the part that goes around the ears is called the hanger. When you add everything together with mecate reins it's called a hackamore. Confused yet?

Last night I rode Charmer in a Bosal for the first time. Shirley has a really nice one and I’ve always been curious as to how it would feel on Charm ..she let me take it for a spin.. It was interesting. I have ridden Charm in a rope halter and the Bosal felt a lot like that.. but still a little different. I would like to use it a few more times to get more of a feel for it. Maybe in a couple lessons. It left me feeling more curious afterward.. interesting.

As with most things I come across that interest me, I’ve been reading up on Bosals and the steps to developing a Bridle Horses on the net. Here is a nice article about the making of a bridle horse.. the best part is that it’s from a natural perspective.

This week alone I’ve been to the barn 3 times and I still plan to go out tomorrow morning .. that will make 4. I can tell my lack of consistency over the winter months has taken its toll on Charm’s behavior. She is not acting sassy.. but the refinement we had going this past fall is not there anymore. She is saying “no” to some things while riding and trying to veer toward the arena door here and there. All things she use to do, but hasn’t been doing for a long time. Luckily, I know how to approach these things and communicate in the proper way to Charm that it’s not acceptable. Don’t get me wrong.. Charm is a great horse and I am very happy with her. I am excited to get back in the groove and have my Charmer back (she was already better yesterday). I know it doesn’t help that I am riding her around feeding time in the afternoon. She always gets a little cranky.. heck I do too!


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