The Slump I’m In

I haven’t been posting much.. been sorta in a slump lately. Maybe it’s the weather.. maybe it’s because I am way too busy lately. I’ve been finding it harder and harder to relax, am exhausted and have been easily irritated.

I did have a nice weekend away last week.. the whole family went up to Door County for Timmy and my birthdays. We are born 4 days apart.. but that’s a whole different story. The weekend was great, nice weather, spent a lot of time outside, had wood fires in our cabin each evening complete with a movie and popcorn. We returned to a dreadful snow storm on Sunday and on Monday I was suddenly thrown into a hectic week. The “recharge” I felt over the weekend immediately was gone. Major bummer. I hit the gym hard this week.. it helps me get out my frustrations and pent up energy. I love working out. I love moving and being active.. I also like to make a difference. Whether it’s weeding my garden so passers by have something beautiful to look at, giving someone much needed encouragement or doing as much as I can to make myself healthier. I am a perfectionist. I can look at something and figure it out. If I can’t do it the “right” way, I just won’t attempt to do it. That also makes me a procrastinator.. I tend to be procrastinating perfectionist. It’s not that I am being totally lazy.. I just don’t have the correct amount of time to get the job done.

I had a nice chat with Shirley on Saturday. I haven’t seen her for nearly a month. I’ve realized how much I’ve missed her company and wise advice. Also the barn in general.. it is my safe haven, where I go to release and let go. My horse is there.. and so are many of my good friends.

I played with Charm on Saturday.. at times I found myself becoming a Drill Sargent, I was very critical. I tried to keep it under control, for the most part I did. But I could feel the nitpickyness welling up inside of me. Before that, I hadn’t seen her for 2 weeks.. jeez. We did play with some driving with the 45′ line tied up into 2 reins. It went super well actually (I wasn’t in Drill Sargent mode at this time). We played at the walk and trot, turns, circles … change of direction on the circle. I got tangled, the rope kept going under Charm’s legs.. at times it was a total mess. But guess what? My horse still understood what I was lamely trying to ask of her. And she tried to do her best for me with out getting cranky or defensive. She is an amazing teacher and I actually gained confidence through the whole ordeal and found it really fun. It’s something I plan to practice often and get really good at.

So I’ve decided I need to prioritize some things in my life. I need to simplify and let some things go for now. Spring and summer always tend to be very busy and I can’t keep going on with life in this slump I’m in.


4 thoughts on “The Slump I’m In

  1. I thought you seemed a bit down this Saturday. Lol that’s right don’t be afraid to say no! You need Heidi time too! Sorry if I was pushing kennel club on you, I was just so excited about seeing you at club every week! 🙂

    I always find walks relaxing when nothig else seems to do the trick.

    And very belated but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sounds like it was a blast!

  2. Don’t worry about the Kennel Club thing.. the problem is I want to do EVERYTHING! I don’t have a problem saying no to things I don’t want to do.. it’s just hard when I want to and I can’t. 😦 It’s ok though.

    I love taking walks.. when the sidewalks dry up for little Fiona we’ll be going out nearly everyday. Dutch will come with us too.. he needs to get his fat butt outside for some exercise!

  3. I’m so glad to hear that about Dutch! It would be awful if he got diabeties or breathing problems along with so many other possible problems because he was fat.

  4. Kelly, Dutch, Fiona and I would walk around 3 miles almost every day until it got cold out. He was still a little fluffy even when we were walking. He’s fat (Kelly says big boned) and really fluffy too… so that makes him look really huge.

    He doesn’t have Fiona’s metabolism, that’s for sure!

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