I have the POWER!

The Quest For Thinness has been going strong for almost 8 weeks! The week before last I decided to take the week off..Β  I thought I deserved a little break from exercising and eating so “strictly”… So, I didn’t loose any weight that week.. I maintained it though. In a way it was a little discouraging.. but since I’ve joined Titletown, things are back on schedule. I was very diligent this past week and did the POWER class 3 times and the Centergy class 1 time. It was great! So great, that I’ve lost 3 more pounds! WA Hoo!! So I think I’m up 16 pounds now.. something like that.

Ellie wanted me to post some of the things that I’ve been eating.. here is a simple outline of what I have been doing. This “diet” is mostly just common sense.. not anything specific that I am following. We can name it The Quest for Thinness Diet πŸ™‚

3 RULES (try to follow these 3 rules for 4 weeks)

Only Natural Sugar (found in fruit and honey)
Low Carbs – No Potatoes, no white pasta, no rice, limited bread
Higher Protein – Eat chicken, turkey/ground turkey, salmon and eggs

At first I followed these 3 rules very strictly. I seriously didn’t have ANY sugar for at least 3 weeks.. maybe 4. I love sugar and cookies – anything sweet. I had to remove this completely and wait until the craving went away. The same went for carbs.. I would crave carbs and had to change that and not make sugar and carbs the bulk of my diet. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

I also exercised often.. mostly Pilates and 1 time a week with Dana at the gym. WhenΒ  you are eating well and exercising, you body becomes a furnace.. your metabolism goes up and you burn calories and fat. If you can maintain healthy eating and regular exercise, it all works together amazingly well.

This is what I basically eat each day: Breakfast – Oatmeal (Quaker Weight Control),Β  Mid-morning Snack – Hard boiled egg or fruit, Lunch – Smart ones or a Lean Cuisine (try to keep it a low carb selection) and fruit, Mid-afternoon snack – Granola Bar (pick a healthy one, not a sugar one) or 90 Cal bag of popcorn (helps if you are craving something salty), Dinner – Spinach Salad with a grilled Chicken Breast on top, low cal dressing and a little cheese (if you need more than this and are still hungry, make a bowl of steamed green beans), Evening snack (if you need one) – more fruit.

Fruit I am eating – Apples, Oranges, pomegranate and berries
Veggies – Sugar Snap Peas, Edamame, Green Beans, Broccoli
What I am drinking – lotsa WATER, tea and coffee (juice and soda = sugar)

You need to give yourself a free day. But a free day shouldn’t be a Grand Slam breakfast at Dennys followed by a big juicy burger and fries for lunch and Pizza Hut for dinner. Let me tell you, YOU WILL pay for that. Your body will punish you with horrible gas and stomach pain and you will feel like you want to puke. I think of a cheat day as still thinking about my diet, but also allowing a dessert some chips or soda. Keep it lite.. don’t mess up your metabolism! Stay away from your pitfalls – for me it’s anything fried and Culvers.. mmmm and rich desserts.

Some more hints.. eat a little often, keep it lite, keep moving, don’t eat past 7pm and get a good nights sleep! Think of this not as a diet, but a new healthy lifestyle.Β  I will add some salad and other recipes in another post. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “I have the POWER!

  1. Awesome! That’s great, Heidi. I’m gonna send this link to Andy, I think he would enjoy reading it. Sounds simple, really.

  2. Thanks Andy and Ellie. Andy – thanks for the link.. I agree with what they say and in the end it’s just common sense! It is really simple, but you have to totally commit to it and that’s the hard part.

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