The Quest for Thinness: Week 7

Week seven brings another pound of weight loss… so I’m up to 14 pounds! Things are looking good and I’m feeling good too.. I don’t feel fat anymore. 😀

Today I am planning to become a member of Titletown fitness. It’s cheap and they have tanning with the membership and really cool classes that I am going to take.

I really have one goal for this whole thing… for my thighs not to rub together. My whole life my thighs have rubbed as I walk.. wearing shorts is a nightmare, they constantly bunch up by my crotch.. grr. To have a 1″ clearance would be a dream….


4 thoughts on “The Quest for Thinness: Week 7

  1. Thanks! 😀 I actually feel like I’ve taken a week off this past week. BUT I did sign up at Titletown and the Butt Kicking will start tomorrow..

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