The Quest.. What week are we at?

The quest has continued… don’t worry I didn’t forget 😉

I had a 1 pound weight loss for last week (YAY!) I had been slacking off a little, but still loosing. This week has been better so far.. I did Pilates Sunday and Tuesday, hit the gym last night with Amber and tonight I am going to get my butt kicked with Dana at Golds Gym when we do the Abs and Pump! I can feel myself shrinking under my clothes.. everything just fits better now. This week I’ve been eating really well.. lots of greens, veggies, fruit and chicken breasts. I think part of my downfall last week was the wonderful espresso maker that lives in my office (it’s Stasia’s). I was having a latte everyday – skim milk with a little syrup… but, that’s a lot of sugar in the syrup, so this week I’ve majorly cut back (only one so far). So 12.5 pounds so far! 7.5 until 20… and beyond?? We’ll see… (I’m thinking yes)


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