The Quest: Consistency isn’t a bad thing!

This week brings another 1.5lbs of weight loss! That’s good. I find myself getting more critical and almost being unsatisfied with a 1.5# loss… Iike I’m on the Biggest Loser and am going to get kicked off if I don’t have an amazing number. Gosh! Knock it off Heidi! I am being consistent and that is really good. I am in a solid routine with my eating habits and schedule and am craving fresh veggies and fruit. One thing to focus on is making sure to drink enough water each day. I am also going to change up my workout routine. Still will do Pilates (it’s really helping my back and neck), but need to amp it up a little. It’s way too easy now. I need to feel the burn! 8.5 more pounds to go!! Then, hopefully a few more after that just for fun!


One thought on “The Quest: Consistency isn’t a bad thing!

  1. Consistency IS a great thing and doesn’t it always get harder as you get closer to your goal weight. Basically I’m saying-as far as I know it’s normal and your doing awesome!

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