Poor little doodoo can’t poopoo!

It’s SO cold!! Filled up the bird feeders and heated bird bath this morning (yes.. I have a birdie jacuzzi ;)) and I could hear the birds rejoicing as I did it. I let Fiona out twice this morning (under my supervision) and she ended up practically collapsing and falling over from the cold, giving me a look that said “um.. hey, she-slave, a little help here??” I felt so bad for her. I know she had to go #2 but couldn’t get it done quick enough before the icy temps ate away at her little black paws. 😦 I rescued her by picking her up both times and bringing her inside to safety. Luckily Adam is home today.. so he can make sure she goes out comfortably.


Schools were closed yesterday and today.. too bad they won't close work!

I wonder how Charmer is doing.. I’m pretty sure the horses have probably been in for the past couple days. They’re most likely angry about it too.. they always would rather be out than in. Not much new about Charmer. I’ve seen her each weekend and have been doing a lot of bareback riding and playing at liberty. She seems very curious and engaged in our recent play sessions. She just seems happy!

In my world, nothing much is new. I am moving into my new office today! Yay! I will have the best view too.. right over the pond. For the past 3 days, there have been up to 7 deer that have beaded down next to the pond all afternoon. They’re so cute and fun to watch. I’m so lucky! I can’t wait ’till it warms up again so it’s more comfortable for walking.. all the ice from the ice storm still hasn’t melted all the way. Oh well… I would also like to go cross country skiing, have to see if my skis still fit first. Oh! I am working on a new project.. it’s a secret for now.. need to perfect first.. but I am getting some fun ideas! You’ll love them!


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