“What happened to your weight?!

Yes. It was an interesting Doctor visit last week. I had to go for my annual physical and approached the scale with caution. I knew that I had gained 15 -20 lbs over the past year and getting on that scale with my Harley boots, leather jacket and 8′ wool scarf didn’t help a bit. The words “Oh my God” escaped my lips as the number appeared. The nurse glanced my way with a look that said “Oh, shut up” (she was a larger gal). Then my Doctor came into the room for the quick catch up before the oh so delightful OBGYN experience. She looked over my chart and proceeded with small talk.. and then her eyes did a double take and she exclaimed “What happened to your weight?!” I looked at her and thought.. it’s a good thing I’m not some hormonal over-reactive sensitive binger! But I didn’t say that.. instead I said “yeah, this is probably the worst time of the year for me to step on the scale.. I’ve been eating everything in sight and it didn’t help that I was wearing all of this stuff either” while I pointed to my cold weather gear.

What’s the moral of this story? Well, I am FAT.

So what are you going to do about it Heidi? Well, I just finished some raw carrots while I typed the paragraph above and now I think I will enjoy a macintosh apple for the rest of my snack. Really though, this weight gain has got to stop! I am going to eat way better, try to omit sugar from my diet (that will be hard) exercise by doing Winsor Pilates in my living room (with the shades drawn), walking (when the sidewalks are clear of ice) and riding my horse more often. This is the most I’ve gained during the Holiday Season.. and I suspect that my metabolism is slowing down since I’m on the upswing to the big three 0! I would like to loose 20 lbs to get back to my normal weight and it would be great to loose 25 lbs to get back to my High School weight. Just a pound a week.. and I could make it… updates to follow.


5 thoughts on ““What happened to your weight?!

  1. Looks like alot of us are in the “get in shape mode” πŸ™‚ My sister, myself and our friend Loren are also on the crusade for a healthier self. We’ve been doing alot of random fun exercise videos from the library. I would have to recommend changing up the rhythm to keep exercising more fun and less of a sentence. (I always felt that way after doing the same video or type of exercise all the time)

    If you want exercise buddies or a support group let us know it’s more fun exercising with more people-we all laugh at ourselves πŸ™‚ Did you get the e-mail about the free Zumba class? I think it would be fun to get my sis and friend to go, I have to check with their schedules, maybe we’d accidently bump into each other *wink wink*
    I know it’s a way to drive, 1/2 hr.ish but when the world isn’t an ice rink you should come down to the caves with Fiona and Adam. It would be so much fun and I know Fiona would love it! We’d have six dogs along (including my Aunts dachshund if she could come), hehe the more the merrier!!! I will come and pick you up even-just what you want huh. ^^
    Sorry, rambling, exercising’s so fun!! (when I’m not feeling lazy and like eating something I shouldn’t)have a wonderful day!!!!weeeeeee!…yes i am strange. XD

  2. Hi Amelia! I really want to visit the caves with you. Yes when the ice melts for sure and on a warmer day (Fiona gets cold if it’s under 20Λ™).. Let’s do it!!

    I will have to look into some other exercise tapes.. the only thing is that they have to be low impact for my knees. I liked doing Zumba.. but it really hurt my knees (all the stomping, jumping and shaking) so It’s best I avoid that stuff. I know.. bummer. I really like the pilates because it won’t bulk me up.. I’m bulky enough. Instead it will lengthen me and slim me down. I only have the 1 hour work out and it’s hard to make the time for that everyday.. so i am hoping to find a 20 minute workout. Just after doing it a few times, I am a lot more flexible and my back feels better. And guess what!! I weigh myself every Monday morning on the same scale at the same time and I’ve lost 4.5 lbs since last Monday!! YAY!! According to that scale, I have only 13 lbs until my goal weight and 18 lbs until my HS weight! Yay!! It’s a good Monday! πŸ˜€

  3. I think a lot of that has to do with cutting sugar from my diet. I am still having fruit though.. just not the bad sugar. Oh, how I love sugar… I think you can get addicted to sugar and I haven’t been craving it at all. I luckily found some really yummy apples and oranges at the grocery store that are doing the trick.

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