Fran + Fluidity = FUN!

What a fun weekend it has been! It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve spent quality time with Charm. You know how this time of year is.. it’s busy and cold. So the days I could have ventured out to the barn I’ve decided against it. It’s hard to feel motivated when you visit the barn all by yourself and it’s 10deg or when it’s snowing and the roads are slick. Well, this week I was motivated and for good reason. Fran paid me a visit from Thursday night to Friday afternoon. We had a nice time too 😉 We spent Thursday night watching Best in Show, drinking tea and staying up WAY too late!  I took the day off of work on Friday and we spent the morning and afternoon at the barn. Shirl said that Fran could play with Dutch for the day and it seemed like she liked him… she said that he reminded her of Crest. Fran showed me some cool techniques to ask Charm to put a little more effort into her backup. She also brought a little surprise with — her Fluidity Saddle!! 😀 Charmer got to try it on (her first time in an English saddle and out of all saddles it had to be the Fluidity!) And .. I got to ride in it! What a ride it was.. I actually left me speechless.. it felt like I was sitting in a lazy boy rocking chair. It put you exactly on your balance point and amazingly kept you locked in place. I have only ridden in an English saddle a handful of times and from what I remember, I’ve always felt “out there” and one wrong move would send m flying off. Not the case with this saddle! This time I felt more secure than any western saddle I’ve ever ridden in. I’ve always thought that the Fluidity saddle felt more comfortable than the Natural Performer at the tour stops.. well, you should feel it on a horse! Even more comfortable! Amazing! After riding in one, I would buy one. Maybe in a few years after the prices come down a bit and I would get a used one. For now, my Mesa Wade will be great.. don’t worry, I still love my new saddle!

Fran and I were talking and hopefully she will be able to come for a weekend this summer and travel around within the Horsin’Around group to give some lessons. She is very talented and a blast to be around… never a dull moment for human or horse.. lol!

Here is a vid of us taking a spin on Charm in the Fluidity saddle. Notice how Charm is stretching and seems very comfortable.

While I was editing the video, I saw this amazing frame.. Just look how round and “collected” she looks.. her neck, her back, her hind end, uphill.. look how far her hind leg is reaching under her. Cool huh!

Charm Fluidity

Wowzers!! She looks like a million bucks!

For something to compare to.. here is a picture of us cantering.. same time in the stride October 2007 with my old Western saddle.


I always liked this picture because of the lighting.. but compared to the other one.. it looks horrible!!


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