Here’s the Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. Things have been crazy busy with work and home stuff… here’s the scoop:

We dog sat Dutch for a week while his mama was visiting her sweetie. Dutch and Fiona had a nice time together.. she growled at him a lot (over toys) and at one point I think she actually give him a good nip because he yelped and then he was a wuss for the rest of the evening.. he is such a girlie man. Otherwise he is a wonderful cuddle bug and honestly just wants to be with you and next to you. He is smart too and wants to please. He got things on the 2nd or 3rd try.. unlike the sassy terrier who always tests boundaries. Dutch also had his first snowfall while he was here. It was cute, he liked it, but seemed to wonder where the grass went. It took him about 5 minutes to pee and he didn’t poop until the afternoon. That’s typical though.

I haven’t seen Charmer much 😦 Nothing new to report. I hope to get out there sometime this weekend. I usually go about 2 weeks in December without seeing her.. things just get busy. Luckily she has all her equine friends to hang with and isn’t in a stupid box stall bored out of her gourd.

My truck died. It blew a head gasket last Tuesday morning (after I filled it up with gas.. grr). Major bummer, I was looking forward to driving it this winter. We are not fixing it since it’s not worth a whole lot. So I’ve already found a new car, a 2001 Honda Accord. It’s really nice, loaded and drives really well. The stinky thing is that now I have nothing to pull my horse trailer with. So regretfully I have to sell the trailer. I am really bummed, I liked having the independence to go anywhere, whenever. But I have plenty of friends with trucks and trailers that hopefully will help haul me if need be.

So that’s the scoop.

Oh, I am also trying to lessen my coffee intake.. so headaches are plaguing me. I am on to tea.


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