Just the Facts

Went to see Charm on Saturday and had a nice session.

Working on Lead Changes at Liberty – Stick to Me. My goal is to get Flying Changes.. we consistently get Simple Changes with little effort. When I try for a flying change.. she seems to get emotional or confused. Or emotional because she is confused, fair enough, retreat.

Driving from Zone 4/5. This is something I’ve not really played with, but am starting to more and more. Did this at Liberty from behind.. my hand on her butt and guiding with the carrot stick at walk and trot.. REALLY COOL! Need to refine our communication.. but pretty good for the 1st or 2nd try. She was not trying to escape.. we were working as one.

Close Range Circling. Got some at the trot.. very nice and rhythmic. Stopped after that one time..

Clover Leaf. Set up the pattern.. worked on refining our turning and focus. Last time we attempted the clover leaf, we fell apart when attempting the right lead. NOW the right lead was amazing and our first attempt around was beautiful. Left Lead was good too. Funny how that works.. now our Right lead may even be better then the Left Lead! Or, we are just close to being even-steven. I am sure the saddle is helping..

Listening to my seat. It’s funny, when Charm is so in tune to me that when I am slightly off balance for a second, she stops. We could be cantering around the arena and I would reposition my seat and she does a nice stop…and I say “Thank you for stopping, but let’s continue cantering now” and off we go.

She did a lot of work and was sweaty, so we went for a short ride down the lane and back to cool down. She got some grain inside.. she was happy about that.. then a 20 minute grooming and scratching session. She really liked that too 🙂 By the time we were finished, Charmer was dry and joined her friends outside for dinner.


2 thoughts on “Just the Facts

  1. you seem to be having allot of progress lately, would you say it’s because of the saddle or a communication breakthrough? both I would assume 🙂

  2. I think the saddle has helped Charm’s comfort level and had made he more willing. For me, I think I have a different approach and attitude and that’s helped me a lot. I know the L&HB series has opened my eyes and I don’t feel stuck in a rut anymore either. Being more creative has helped too.

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