Maybe a Solution?

Ok.. If I can get over myself, I think MAYBE there is a possibility I could show. Last summer Shirl kept bugging me about joining a local stock horse group with her called S.H.O.W. (Stock Horse of Wisconsin). I think I may take a giant leap out of my comfort zone and join the group and go to some classes, clinics and shows in ’09. Last spring I went to one of their shows to watch and felt there was sense of acceptance there.. they were not a judgemental or snotty group at all. Everyone cheered everyone else in what they were doing, especially if they had trouble and worked through it. I looked at the ranch competitions and I liked what I saw under the equipment part. It says “Horses shall be shown in a western or like saddle. Silver equipment will not count over good clean, working equipment.” HA! So brands and fancy-schmancy stuff doesn’t matter? Thank God! Sounds like they are looking for good working horsemanship and not all the fluff. Also the attire is something I can live with too.. I won’t have to go out and spend $100 odd dollars on new “show clothes” – “Riders shall wear protective headgear or western hats. Long-sleeved shirts and western boots. Western boot type must include a heel. The use of spurs and chaps shall be optional. Clothing should be neat and clean.”

And.. I would have ALL winter and most of the spring to train and get ready for something like this. Hmm.. something to ponder.


2 thoughts on “Maybe a Solution?

  1. Thats so exciting, if you ever need a helping hand feel free to ask me. This is so exciting, watching the progress in both you and Charm. *jumps up and down excitedly* WOOT! Go Heidi!
    I know I’m getting a little ahead of everything but by the end of spring you should have a good idea of where things are going. Either way it sounds exciting.

  2. Thanks for being so excited for me! I think I am feeling more nervous than anything.. I mentioned it to Shirl and she said “Well I would hope so!” I think it’s a go.. I will have to condition myself and figure out a way to deal with my nerves. Whenever I get nervous (heart pounding and shaking) Charm responds in “interesting” ways. 😉

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