Stamp of Approval

This past weekend Charm and I tried out the new saddle. It sat in the front passenger seat with me as I made my way to the barn. It came with this wonderful saddle bag/cover.. it’s padded and is durable enough to be used as luggage if I were to fly somewhere and need my saddle. I am treating this saddle as if it had a soul, so it stays covered when not in use and I am very careful to not get it dirty. I got to the barn, unloaded my precious luggage and made my way into the arena.. grabbed my halter and lead and headed out to catch my horse. I brought Charmer into the arena and brushed her and let her sniff around. Shirl and Randy were working outside and they came in to see my new baby. I instantly got Shirl’s approval, she LOVED the saddle and asked me to find one like that for her. I then placed it on Charm and stepped back.. it looked AWESOME! and also seemed to fit her well. There was a lot more room for her scapula to move and it did not seem restricting. I moved Charm around for a while so she could see that she had more room and get used to the new feeling. Nothing major happened.. she dropped her head and maybe blew once or twice as I expected she would. I hopped up and we rode around a little. The saddle felt really nice and was not drastically different than my old saddle since it is the same basic shape, it’s just a lot nicer. One observation.. Charm seemed more willing to move she had a bigger trot and also was offering her right lead. Her right lead (our used to be hard lead) was absolutely amazing! She floated into it without any effort. So I am hoping this new saddle will allow us to be more fluid and athletic together. So basically, I’m keeping it!


It fits her well and matches too! I am playing with shimming and placement. She also needs to loose her belly!


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