November Lighting

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like taking any pictures. I recently visited Erica’s blog and saw some cool pics she took and that was enough to get me off my butt and start experimenting again. November is known around Wisconsin as the gateway to winter. It’s basically all down hill from November on..    one thing that November does bring with it is fabulous lighting. Since the sun is lower in the sky you can take some nice pictures in mid-day without getting annoying hot spots and glare. These pictures were taking around 12:30pm on November 1st. My camera batteries were dying, so this is all I got.

Chamer: Joining her friends after our session.

Java looking curious


Charmer enjoying "4th Crop" on the back field.

Here's chip! He is so cute and sassy.


2 thoughts on “November Lighting

  1. I saw the background that Chip is standing in front of through the camera lens and had to get the shot. I love how the trees look.

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