City Girl

Fiona is officially a city girl! Adam and I took a mini-vacation to Chicago this week and Fiona came along for the ride. I am very proud of our little girl, she did great and boy, is she pooped! Over the past 2 days she has walked about 7 miles downtown and has met a few 100 people and tons of dogs. Chicago has been rated the most dog friendly place in the country and the area we stayed in has the highest dog-per-human ratio in the city. She got a lot of compliments and smiles. We found this really cute doggie boutique named Wiggleyville. OMG is it expensive!!! I found the cutest little jacket (note: little) and it was a whopping $88!!! If I had money coming out of my ears, I would have bought it. We went on a really nice walk yesterday. We went down to the Lake and around in the parks and looped back onto Broadway. We had some coffee at a café and tied little Fiona out to a parking meeter. I had my eyes on her the whole time and she was NOT happy. She barked and screamed and cried. People would walk by and try to talk to her and she would bark at them and some people told her to shut up. It was kinda funny.. but a little upsetting for me to watch. Finally she had enough and started tugging at the end of the leash.. Adam ran outside and sat with her, she jumped into his arms and licked his face. She was really scared and was not being a brat. We continued on our walk.. latte in hand and she crashed when we got home. If I liked the city more, I would consider visiting more often to get Fiona more socialized and accustomed to the busy lifestyle.. it would be an amazing social outlet. Most of the dogs that we came across were calm and well mannered. But 2 days there is enough for me. That night we met 2 Scottish Terriers on a potty break. One white and one black. They were really cute but I think Fiona is way prettier. It was really fun and we will for sure bring her to Chi-Town in the future!

Well today is Halloween and Fiona will be dressing up in her Hot Dog costume for all the trick or treaters ..  😀 I will try to get a picture..

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