My Mesa Wade

Over the past 2 years I have had plenty of fleeting dreams. They would come and go and always taunt me. These were not bad dreams, but good dreams and goals. Some I would accomplish, some would be left at the wayside, but none the less… they still existed. Today.. finally one of these dreams came true.


I like to compare things.. and if I were to compare my current saddle to a car, I would say it’s a 1995 Ford Taurus. It’s a pretty average car, kinda old, but gets the job done. No one is going to be going up to me saying.. “OMG! You have a 1995 Ford Taurus! That is so cool!!” Not that it’s all about that, but I am sure we all feel that sense of satisfaction that some one notices and complements us on something that means a lot to us.

My big news is: Today I’ve finally upgraded my saddle!! My original saddle has really served me well over the past 5 years, but frankly, Charm has grown and filled out a lot since then and I know that she should be wearing a wider more comfortable saddle. My intentions were to eventually upgrade when the timing was right. I had deeply considered getting a Parelli saddle (knowing that there are plenty of other great saddles out there). Almost everyday I browse the Parelli Savvy Club forum in the search of “the perfect saddle”  knowing that most people on the forum I can trust and that there are plenty of good deals to be had. On Wednesday I spotted it and my jaw dropped. It was beautiful. It was everything I ever wanted in a saddle and it was priced way below it’s true value. I am the proud new owner of a Circle Y Mesa Wade Saddle.

Here it is!! Itsn't it pretty!

It’s a ranch saddle and has everything I have ever wanted. It’s the perfect color, it’s just beautifully hand tooled with the rose pattern, has a shorter skirt and slender fenders. It has a back cinch, a beefy saddle horn and I can pretty much use it for anything. The lady who I bought it from was using it on her Clydesdale and the mare filled out and had outgrown it (so I am positive Charm will fit into it no problem). She regretfully offered it for sale. It’s 2 years old and broken in 😉 it was kept inside a saddle bag and well taken care of. It will be shipping out on Monday and should arrive mid week.. I plan to try it out next Saturday!!! I will totally take some pictures and let you know how Charm and I like it. SO EXCITED!!

So anyway.. if anyone out there would like to buy my old saddle, it’s for sale. It’s in good shape and has served me well!


3 thoughts on “My Mesa Wade

  1. It’s beautiful, That’s going to look so good on Charm, I bet you have one of those “I don’t know how you rode without this saddle” moments 🙂

  2. I have the saddle at home and it’s AMAZING!! I will test drive it on Charmer on Saturday morning! 😀 Pictures to come!

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