Fiona’s Makeover

Here is the "Before" picture

As you can see Fiona was in desperate need of a trim. I think the last time she was to the groomer was in May. Well, now she is all pretty and looks like she lost about 5lbs.. to bad they can’t do that for humans too.

And here is the "After" picture

Now we can see her pretty eyes.. I just love her eyes. She is so expressive with her face. She really is a pretty doggie.

I should have gotten a "before" side view, but didn't think of it. So her is the "after."

You can see in this picture where she chewed her back legs a little. She doesn’t seem to be bothering them anymore and the hair has thickened and is starting to grow back. The groomer said that allergies are just awful this summer, so I am praying that she chewed them becuase it’s a bad summer and that this is not something that is chronic. She didn’t bite her legs raw and carry on and on.. so I am staying optimistic.


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