Phew.. where do I start?

What a loooong weekend! I took off of work for the Karen Rohlf clinic on Thursday and Friday.. they were both long days and for some reason they left me exhausted! Thursday the weather was awful.. the wind was unbearable and it was cold. I started my day by dropping Fiona off in Kewaunee for grooming (yes, I take her to Kewaunee for grooming.. I have found the most fabulous groomer. She knows what she is doing and just got back from a grooming competition in Chicago where she got a big shiny trophy! If you are looking for a groomer.. I would recommend her.) Then I drove to the clinic and then picked up Fiona from Kewaunee at lunch. She stayed in the car during the afternoon part of the clinic. BTW, Fiona’s hair cut is so beautiful, I have a before and after picture I will post later. Day 2 of the clinic went much better.. I stopped by Charmer afterward to play a little. I finally was able to bring some obstacles into the round pen with us and tried to simulate Remmer and Linda’s pay session from the L&HB second DVD. All I can say is WOW.. my horse has a lot of energy! I figured a new change of direction technique and used the cones … well, Charm would draw to me and then I asked her to change at a phase 1 or 2 and she would leap and buck and throw her head in the air. It’s like she has life in her! The cool part was though.. when she would change, she would be cantering around me to the other side with her ears and eyes locked on me snorting and then would just settle right next to me. She looked so beautiful and animated! Not at all dull and sluggish like normal. It felt like there was electricity between us.. and at almost any point.. I could bring her back to me. In the past.. It was like 20% of the time she had draw.. now it’s like 90%!

Adam and I had guests staying with us from Friday night until Sunday morning and on Saturday I had 2 weddings to attend. The combination of these things completely wiped me out! We also had family in town for one of the weddings so there was a special get-together Sunday afternoon. I of course spent the earlier part of the afternoon with Charmer. We played with more liberty stuff and I have the feeling that I am going to have to keep mixing it up so she doesn’t get bored. I tied up the lead rope and rode around bare back a little.. my seat has gotten rather solid.. we did a little jumping in the arena and I didn’t even feel my butt come off of her back. I have a feeling this winter will include a lot of bareback riding.

I did have an interesting horsenality thought… well, Charm has been very spooky the past month. This is very out of character for her and slightly annoying for me. And she will spook with stupid stuff.. for example..   I was chatting with Shirley yesterday while Charm and I were in the roundpen. Shil had picked up some twigs on the lawn and while we were talking she was snapping them in half. Each time she would snap one Charm would noticably flinch. Then a motorcycle drove by and she spooked. Shirl and I thougth this was so odd, and so unlike Charmer. I commented that this new spookyness has made my trail rides rather interesting. Then the thought hit me. I know how I have been going on and on lately about how Charm is coming out of her shell and offering me more and wants to be with me .. yadda yadda yadda. Ok. So if that’s true, then is would also be true that she is becoming more extroverted. Before, maybe she was so introverted that she didn’t notice these thing, she was either RBI or LBI.. but the truth of the matter was she didn’t want anything to do with what was going on or what was being done to her so she hid. What if, now she is just noticing the things going on around her because she is not hiding anymore. I understand why she would be upset on a trail ride – becuse I have hardly gone outside with her or trail ridden. But the snapping of sticks and stuff like that is just plain bizzare. This just makes sense. So does that mean that the real Charmer is finally coming out? It my horse really a lot more spirited than I think? I guess we will see…


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