Short but Meaningful

I took last Friday off.. Adam had off and I thought it would be nice to see Charmer and spend the afternoon with Adam. I headed out to Algoma early and stopped at the Café to visit Sofie and enjoy a fruit and granola parfait and coffee. Then off to the barn where to my surprise Linda was having a lesson with Shirl. It was nice to visit with her for a bit. She had Jesse and Tink along. I took my time and brushed Charmer and found all of her itchy spots.. even the new one on her neck. Then we headed into the round pen to see if my liberty luck has transferred there. It was a very productive session.. she enthusiastically trotted to me each time I invited her in. I also got some close range circling. Great! I ended on a good note and we tacked up and had a nice ride around the fields. I have been such a dork.. why I have been confining our sessions to the arena? Poor Charmer. No wonder she has had those strange freak outs away from the barn. Her confidence has dwindled, but we are getting it back..

Then I headed home where I got to ride with Adam on my steel horse…  what am I talking about you ask? Well I now own my very own Harley! 🙂 Haha! It’s georgeous and it’s all mine! I will be taking the motorcycle class this spring and then watchout!

Don’t believe me? Here is the proof.

Heidi's 1985 Harley Davidson Roadster XLS .. he he he!


3 thoughts on “Short but Meaningful

  1. awesome, I can just see you in leather tearing down the street! It seems you have progressed alot since taking rides with Adam and getting used to the feel of the bike and feeling safe-I mean WOW your going on your own now, CONGRATS!!

  2. Yeah, I am kinda eating my words because I always said we would NEVER own a motorcycle. Well, now we have 2 in our garage… oh well! I am really excited to ride in the spring!

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