The Alaskan Trail Ride

It was so hot, upper 70s low 80s and sunny! I wore my vest because I wanted pockets.. but I suffered for it! The ride went really good, the route that was laid out was very scenic and diverse. Charm did pretty well.. for half of the ride I could tell she was a little antsy and seemed herd bound, and at one point had a separation attack and started crow hopping around underneath me. I tried to keep her busy, but decided to get off and let her run around me and did some falling leaf too. I was quite fusterated that this point, but was glad that I had gotten off. I got back on her and continued (although, I felt like just going home) and we stopped at the half way point for lunch. This is the point where she changed.. it’s like the switch was flipped on and she finally felt confident and solid under me. We even hung back and she didn’t try to rush either. Maybe it just took that long.. I don’t know or maybe she was tired, lol. Well, anyway, I hope that next time is better, I want to keep this up so we can consistently ride out without a worry.

Here are some pictures from the ride!

Here we are at the start of the ride.. It was beautiful!

Sofie and Randy found an apple tree.. the apples were very sweet and the horses really enjoyed them!

Going down another wooded path.

Sofie and Michael

Even Ay-Rabs can do it!! This is Toni and Kidd on their first trail ride together.. Kidd had a hard time at first, but by the half way point he was walking calmly on a loose rein. Toni was very pleased!

We ended up cutting our ride a little short because rain was coming.. good thing too.. I had just pulled into the barn and got everything out of the trailer and it started pouring! We just missed it.. I am glad we were still not out on the trail. I ended up being a great time!


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