She’s Back.. or Maybe I’m Back?!

After work I headed out to the barn.. it was just gorgeous outside! We have been really blessed with beautiful weather. Sofie and I had planned to trailer Charm over to her house and go for a little ride before the big ride on Saturday. After the eventful day last Saturday I was a little hesitant.. First though, I decided it would be helpful to lead Charmer up along the road and see what she thought of the big trucks today.. and if there were any thresholds, we would work through them. I had her on the 22′ – if I needed drift. Well the trucks were still going by and she didn’t care less about them! She didn’t even flinch. So I loaded up the trailer with the tack and Charmer jumped in and we headed over to Sofie’s house.

It was so cute.. when I unloaded Charm at Sofie’s, Michael and Bella came galloping over to see Charm and they rubbed noses. Charm and Bella always got along great and Michael was ahead of her in the herd, so Charm doesn’t push him around at all. As Sofie was saddling Michael, she turned her back to him for a second and he decided to take a stroll down the middle of the road!! We were a little concerned, but then he headed for the outside of the pasture and went around the back. Sofie was trying to calmly follow him, even though she was nervous! Bella, that stinker, was strutting around the pasture like a loony.. anyway eventually Michael started to eat and Sofie could finally grab the lead rope. Michael is a VERY sensitive horse, so if she were to run after him to grab the rope, chances are he would have bolted to who knows where!

I saddled up Charm and then asked her for some tasks. At first she was a little snorty, but after a few minutes, she was VERY connected to me and listening to every suggestion. I was pleased, she had never been to Sofie’s before! After about 15 minutes of play, she looked ridable, so hopped up and we rode with Sofie and Michael in the yard at first and then headed down the road. They did really good, we didn’t go that far, but both were calm. Only at one point a big pickup truck drove by and Michael jumped around a little. Other than that we had a great ride.

So I am really looking forward to the ride tomorrow. The leaves are changing and are beautiful right now, I will try to take some pictures if I can. I just love being outside!


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