Hot ‘n Humid

Yuck. I am definitely a Wisconsinite. I just hate this hot weather, it makes me feel so lazy and unmotivated. I got out by Charmer on Saturday and Monday. Both days were hot. I can’t say we did anything spectacular.. mostly just hung out and took it easy. Yesterday Charm had a weird RB moment.. we were in the round pen and she started going psycho.. head was horizontal above her poll! We were at liberty and I couldn’t stop her.. so I just shut down all my energy and stayed in the middle.. dropped my carrot stick and asked her to come to me. She cantered to me huffing and puffing all wide eyed. We calmed down together and I did some zone 3 driving and stick to me. Five minutes later she was back to normal, thank God!! I don’t know what set her off.. I haven’t had her in the round pen for quite some time and the corn has grown really tall and I saw her looking at it a lot.. so that may have freaked her out.. who knows!! I am just glad I was able to shut her down and that she felt safe enough to come to me. I ended up not riding her because she was really hot and sweaty.. plus I was not in the mood (I have learned NOT to ride if I am not in the mood.. it just ends up bad). So I hosed her down and let her eat some alfalfa in the field for dessert.

Fiona has been doing well, she has been on a lot of walks and seems to be happy with that. I gave her a bath last Thursday night.. what she really needs is to get groomed before fall. I have noticed that she has been really itchy lately and has been biting her legs. Some of the hair is thinning.. not gone or raw yet, but I am keeping an eye on it. It could be for a number of reasons.. the pollen, she wasn’t bathed for a while and was dirty or she could be reacting to the same stuff her brother, Frankie reacts to. He has major problems with storage mites, carpet mites and some grass pollen. He needs to have his food frozen to kill all of the storage mites.. otherwise he will get horribly itchy and itch himself bloody. I am wondering since we just finished a bag of food, if the mites were getting to Fiona (since the bag was open for a while). I will have to try freezing some food and see if that helps her. Otherwise it could be the pollen in the yard or a combination of everything! Poor little poo poo!


2 thoughts on “Hot ‘n Humid

  1. Jazz is having the same problem!!!! I’ve been noticing her itching alot on her front legs and behind her ears. At first I thought it wa because I didn’t rinse out her shampoo well enough so I gave her another bath and rinsed her really well. She’s still itching and she looks kind scraggily, I feel bad for her and for your Fiona-I’m thinking it’s an alergy thing.

  2. Aww.. poor Jazz.. there must be something in the air because Fiona never gets this itchy. We just went for a 3 mile walk and I need to wash her legs! Who knows what allergens she picks up on a walk. I can’t wait to see you and Jazz on Friday.. I hope you can still make it!

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