Time to Compare

Lately I have been writing about how much Charm and my relationship has changed for the better. I feel as though I understand her needs and have learned to adjust myself for her. I just redid her Horsenality chart and found that there are some changes.

This is her chart from October 2007

Here is her current chart

Carol Coppinger, after viewing my L2 assessment, helped me realize that Charm was often going RBI and I didn’t see it. In fact, I had to redo a task because of this. Carol stressed to me that Charm was an “adrenaline junkie.” Now if you know my Charmer, she seems nowhere near an adrenaline junkie!! I was flabbergasted! But at that time she was consistently going RBI.. and I was treating her as if she were a LBI. I was putting Charm in a LBI box and that was causing her to go Right Brained. So after this BFO.. I paid more attention and noticed that Charm consistently had her head and neck above her withers. She wasn’t doing anything.. she was just standing there.. but she was RBI. She didn’t look it, but she was! Carol advised me to ask for her head down below her withers when she would do this (this is were the adrenaline junkie part comes in.. she seemed to almost prefer that state of mind). Then, I would often observe Charm yawning and chewing after doing NOTHING or after grooming. Yawning = Coming Off of Adrenaline hmmmm…. The clues were rolling in.. I just hadn’t been paying attention and because of that, our relationship suffered.

As you can see in the first chart, I viewed Charm as mostly LBI with a few LBE traits. I think I was wrong with this assessment.. I think a lot of her negative LBI traits were caused by ME putting her in the LBI box. I am not sure if she was really like that as much as I thought. Now, in the most recent chart.. a lot of the negative things have lessened or have gone away completely. I have also realized that she has some RBI traits that I must take into consideration. She has even more RBI traits when pushed.. she can’t think, she’s distrustful, tense, and goes mildly catatonic. Not good. I think she always did those things.. I for some reason just viewed it as stubbornness, defiance and disobedience. I have also learned that I must take is slower with Charm, she does need time to think thinks though.. and I tend to be rushed and impatient.

This whole experience has been a major leaning experience for me. I am so thankful that Parelli has provided this information and all of the tools to help us better understand our horses.


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