True Blue?

Most of the lessons scheduled for Saturday got canceled, so I decided to take another lesson. Wow! Two in one week! Shirl had me do the clover leaf pattern with Charmer. The last time we did this (it may have been as long as last summer) I remember it being a lot of WORK. It was easy at the walk and trot, but the canter was interesting. I remember getting it.. but like I said, it was work. This time.. it was fun!! 🙂 The left lead was fabulous. For the majority of the time, I had a smooth, comfy canter. It was a joy to ride. The right lead needed some work (our bad lead) but that’s my fault, because I tend to avoid that lead.. but I know what I need to work on. It was nice taking a lesson again so soon, because there were a few things that we didn’t get to at Wednesday’s lesson. The colver leaf was a good warm up.. then we worked on the lead changes again.. It’s a little fusterating.. I know we are so close to flying changes I can smell it! I think we got one.. It felt like a couple trot steps in in between, but it could have been her changing. Shirl said It was one.. and I was asking for it too. I’ll just have to be as determined as Fran.. 😉 Then we went to leg yields.. this we didn’t get to on Wednesday. Success!! 😀 Shirl had me start from across the arena and we were starting to get them at the trot from way out there! Woo Hoo! Pretty soon we will be floating across the arena. Charmaine and her friend Dallas were watching my lesson, they are Dressage people so I said, “Look! I’m doing Dressage!” We all had a little laugh. After that, we did a few more things and eventually Charm said, I’ve had enough.. so we stopped.

True Blue: To be indubitably loyal or faithful.

I’ve heard Pat talk about a horse being “true blue” and lately I have been wondering if finally Charm is deserving of this title. We have our blue string.. and she has proven herself to be loyal and faithful to me. This past summer is the least amount of time I have ever ridden Charmer, yet we have made the most progress. I am having so much fun!


3 thoughts on “True Blue?

  1. it’s interesting u say that you’ve ridden her the least this year yet she made the most progress. With Jazz I’ve done the least with her this year but she seems to enjoy ‘working’ alot more and has so much more enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things.

  2. Funny isn’t it. I don’t know if I am finally reading Charmer correctly and my adjustments have make her more willing?

    Maybe it’s their age too.. Jazz is older now and so is Charmer.

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